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Current Availability:

Lotion Bars (In Stock)

Vegetable Starts (May through June)

Honey (In Stock)

Eggs (In Stock)

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All Natural Beeswax Lotion Bars


Handmade lotion bars made from all natural and organic ingredients.


Vegetable Starts


All of our vegetable and flower plants are grown right in our own greenhouse from seed and are all pesticide free. 

Plants are available from May 1st through the second week in June.


Raw Honey


Fresh raw honey and nothing else! Our honey is from our very own apiary right here on the farm.

Half pound bottles are also available for $5.50

Creamed honey is available seasonally. 

Message us for availability!

eggs (2).jpg

Free Range Eggs


Free range large eggs come in an assortment of colors!

Message us for availability!

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